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There is a lot of material on CRT and the removal of advanced math. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of results as these are hot-button issues in education across the country. Below, we have aggregated some interesting pieces, especially those as it relates to CUSD but by no means is below comprehensive. Please also follow our Twitter since we post a lot more there.

CUSD Relevant (Public Record Act Requests)

This link contains materials that have been aggregated by CUSD parents in the context of CRT curriculum at CUSD. There are several gems there so please take a look. We also have further Public Record Act requests in progress regarding CRT and the removal of advanced math. As we receive records, we will publish them here.

As we mentioned above, CUSD had a contract with the National Equity Project (NEP). See some of the concerning content aggregated from their website here.

CUSD leverages Second Step and Soul Shoppe for their curricula and transformative SEL programs (see $675K purchase approval on Slide 47 in this Board Advance). Previously they used CASEL. All of them have introduced potentially divisive CRT ideologies. We don’t know which parts teachers will adopt but as parents, we should watch and report an issue when we see something that seems divisive or not age-appropriate. Here is the full list of Second Step lessons that CUSD schools and teachers review for reference.

Here is the course material taught in a 6th Grade Language Arts Class at Kennedy where they read This Book Is Anti-racist.

Here is the lesson plan from a 7th Grade Language Arts Class at Kennedy with concerning language. We don’t know what the exact materials are but we are working to get them.

And here is the course material taught in an 8th Grade History Class at Kennedy where students read Stamped by Ibram Kendi from Aug ’20 to Mar ’21 and supplement with Facing History. As a reminder, Ibram Kendi promotes very controversial CRT ideologies and believes all capitalists are racists and that racism can only be solved with more racism. This teacher is not only supplementing with divisive material in lieu of the prescribed US History curriculum, but she is also using a pedagogically unsound approach as Ibram Kendi himself does not believe his own materials to be age-appropriate for K-8.

As a reminder, here is a link to the materials taught in a 3rd Grade Meyerholz Math Class where they deconstructed race and privilege and Asian kids (White-adjacent) were effectively told that they were oppressors. Here is a good write-up on this incident as well. Also note that although this incident was reported in January ’21, it occurred in Nov ’20 and at Miller as well as Meyerholz per email uncovered from a Public Records Act Request.

And here is another link to an Intersectionality lesson that was taught in a 4th-grade classroom at Meyerholz in Aug ’21. The parent reported that after this lesson, their child was asking about skin colors when they got home. Whether you think that is acceptable at that age is for you to decide.

Not CRT per se but an egregious example of where a teacher introduced supplemental materials without gathering parental consent. See here for sex education materials taught in a 4th-grade class at West Valley Elementary School. Sex education is usually taught in the 7th grade and requires parental opt-in/out per law. This lesson plan culminated with the teacher asking children to “explore their sexuality.”

The Daily Wire identified three CUSD teachers that signed a public pledge indicating that they are willing to break the law to teach CRT ideologies. Ruth Eller at Lincoln Elementary, Frances Hopkins at McCauliffe, and Charlotte Sparacino at Lawson Middle. Feel free to email them and the school Board for clarification. We hope they remain focused on the approved curriculum.

It’s sometimes best to hear from our local leaders. Read this review of Teaching Hard History from Celia House, PTA Leader at Cupertino High School.

There have been multiple proposals in various districts to replace classic books with more divisive literature. At CUSD, they have just replaced 6000 History Social Studies books based on History Alive with some of their COVID relief dollars but they have not yet been reviewed.

Also including materials regarding CRT acquired via PRA for FUHSD (Fremont Union High School District). See here and here.

As we have mentioned on our website, SEL is not the SEL of 10 years ago. SEL or T-SEL today puts increased emphasis on race sometimes introducing materials that have not been field-tested. Well, as expected, Sunnyvale School District’s Panorama Survey results are suggesting that the district explore Culturally Responsive Teaching, Trauma-Informed Practices, and Restorative Practices. We don’t know yet what this actually all means as so much of it is so nebulous (by design) but we will continue to dig. Here is the Panorama Report and here is the letter from the Superintendent.

Because it’s local, including a note from the Stanford Review which has said the Stanford CS department has gone woke.

Finally, Campbell Unified School District published resources regarding equity and it has drawn national attention. We are familiar with some of the referenced content and there are some divisive and contentious materials linked which are not age-appropriate.

CRT Books Read at CUSD

There are two books that we are so far aware of that are being studied in two different classrooms at Kennedy Middle School: This Is Anti-Racist and Stamped. As a resource to you, we are reading the books ourselves and extracting some of the quotes and ideologies that we believe are divisive and not age-appropriate. As a reminder, these books are not being studied for just one week, but in some instances for the majority of the school year and who knows what is not being taught to make time for this unapproved and divisive curriculum.

This Book Is Anti-racist

This book is being read in a 6th Grade Language Arts class. Here are some quotes that we have personally extracted to provide you a sense of how divisive some of the material is. See references to white people and white-passing which is how they box Asians.

  1. Some identities (race) hold power and privileges and and some identities do not.
  2. Folx who do not benefit from their social identities, who are in the subordinate culture, have little to no privilege and power. (anyone not White)
  3. Racism is a system of advantages and disadvantages based on race.
  4. Together, people and our institutions create a solid structure of racism through policies, rules, and opportunities…
  5. Your classroom only teaches the dominant culture of White Supremacy.
  6. When you hear other people say ‘Well, I don’t see color. Race isn’t really an issue in my classroom,’ that’s a microaggression. That’s not ok.
  7. Being racist against white people is not a thing. Remember, racism is personal prejudice AND the systemic misuse and abuse of power by institutions. So, I can have a prejudice against white people, but there is no system that has been put in place for centuries to keep white people oppressed.
  8. In our society, REVERSE RACISM IS NOT REAL (note: all caps in the original text). People will bring it up from time to time and you can remind them that personal prejudice is indeed real. However, institutions continue to misuse power to maintain a racist foundation against Black, Brown, and Indigeneous folx. Therefore, the only people who benefit from that are white people.
  9. Object to anyone who says they “want their country back” or they want to “make it great again”.
  10. It is not the job of Folx of Global Majority to educate white people on their oppression. It is the job of white people to listen, learn, and grow.
  11. Racism is so deep within us. It is all around us and we have to be constantly aware of it so we don’t get consumed by the smog. It is so easy to rest inside of it, especially if you benefit from the system that has been designed for you. (I’m speaking to you, white and white-passing folx.)
  12. I have chosen to use ‘folx’ instead of ‘folks’ because it is a gender neutral term created by activist communities. (Author’s Note)

Do you believe all of the above is age appropriate for a 6th-grade class? Do you believe that these materials should be taught over the prescribed Language Arts curriculum? Do you believe that most teachers can teach these materials without creating further division? As we have said in other places on our website, the CRT activists themselves do not believe this to be age-appropriate nor believe most teachers can teach such materials well.

We have aggregated some screenshots of the book here if you’d like to take a peek yourself.


This book is being read in an 8th Grade Social Studies class at Kennedy Middle School. It is written by Ibram Kendi who is one of the most divisive CRT activists and has said himself that he doesn’t believe that his own materials are age-appropriate for K-12.

For this book, there are so many divisive quotes, we thought it’d be better to ask you to Google it yourself. Ibram believes that more racism is the cure to racism. He believes that being a capitalist is being racist and more. Please Google and take a read yourself.

Good Reads & Videos

There are a lot of terms correctly and incorrectly associated with CRT. This infographic is the best we have seen with definitions.

Dr. Wenyuan Wu, Executive Director for the Equal Rights Foundation, did a great podcast on race and curriculum from the perspective of the Asian community.

This WSJ opinion article on CRT is a worthwhile read touching on the role of meritocracy.

The Society of College Medicine made a power ranking system based on schools that teach or don’t teach CRT curriculum.

A more extreme but relevant example of how CRT and race are being pushed into curriculum, a Cornell course suggests that black holes are tied to racial blackness.

Critical Therapy Antidote is a wellness-focused site surfacing news on the negative impact of CRT curriculum on our kids.

An example of how the removal of advanced math is just the beginning. Dallas Justice is asking White and White-adjacent (Asians) parents to sign a pledge to not send their kids to Ivy League Schools in the name of equity. This playbook is like real-world 2081 where tall people are made short, smart people are made dumb, and so forth in the name of equity.

An article from the Claremont Institute with links to some great reads on anti-racism and education.

The introduction of CRT concepts is happening at multiple levels. Santa Clara County is leveraging GARE and the libraries have held “anti-racist” workshops. We don’t have specific issues with adult CRT training or optional storytimes, we just want to make sure that what is ultimately taught in schools is suitable for K-12.

An interesting conversation between Will Reusch and advocates for CRT and how the curriculum may look.

This Eanes-Westlake community discussion is full of gems on DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) curriculum.

A video on Title VI from the Department of Education on racial discrimination.

Ethnic studies is being taught at Berkeley High School. Read what the students thought. It is currently based on the History-Social Science Framework which is very different from the proposed CA Ethnic Studies curriculum which we believe to be more divisive.

This is a pledge that some states are asking teachers to sign that we obviously oppose in its current form.

Here is an example of adopted Social Justice Standards based on Michael Foucault’s work that some districts have implemented via the Anti-Defamation League. The intent may be ok on paper, but the ultimate implementation leaves too much autonomy and subjectivity to teachers.

Here is another example from Equitable Math of how they are proposing to eliminate advanced math pathways. It starts with math but it will come to all advanced classes next.

In this experiment in an England Elementary school class, students went from being race colorblind and thinking of each other as equals to a result where they notice race. This is known as the privilege walk. Here are the type of questions they may ask and here are the definitions of privilege. At what age do you think this would be age-appropriate? Do you believe the output resulted in less or more racism going forward? Did you know that an 8th-grade teacher does this at CUSD?

Undoctrinate and What They Are Learning have been aggregating instances of CRT and inappropriate materials and activities being taught in US classrooms.

Here are Santa Clara County Library’s results for diverse books. We don’t know if these books provide a positive or negative worldview in the context of CRT. Note, school libraries are transforming as well. Listen to this Board meeting where parents read books from their school library which would have previously been considered R-rated.

The Orange County Board of Education held a forum to discuss CRT and Ethnic Studies. It’s a short and informative watch.

A few of many Thomas Sowell memes who has been critical of CRTs approach to drive a more equitable and inclusive society.

America Uncovered has published some of the best videos we’ve seen on CRT and the 1619 project. Watch Is Marxism Invading our Schools and America Is Racist, The 1619 Project.

Oregon signed a law effectively removing classroom math and reading proficiency requirements. New York is exploring removing Honor Rolls and nationally there are several efforts to remove entrance exams and more. These are all great examples where we are bringing students down versus focusing on what successful students are doing and bringing everyone else up.

This podcast from the New York Times, The Argument, is a great 2-sided discussion of Critical Race Theory in the classroom. Chris Ruffo, Senior Fellow and Director of the Initiative on Critical Race Theory at the Manhattan Institute, and Rick Banks, Professor, Co-Founder and Faculty Director of the Stanford Center for Racial Justice are on a lot more than you may expect.

As part of diversity and inclusion, Stanford’s Racial Justice Faculty Director mentioned that they enrolled 9 Black students into a graduate program, 8 females and 1 male. They have not been able to find that 1 Black male as that student likely was White but identified as Black.

An article from 3 math professors who believe that China is becoming the world’s STEM leader and another here from a Math Professor at UC Irvine who believes California’s proposed math curriculum defies logic.

There has been some recent news of parents making threats to school Board members which we absolutely do not condone. This podcast looks at the actual cases and found 2 potential incidents of criminal misconduct out of 14,000 school Boards.

In a more extreme example, a bi-racial student was given a D- and threatened with non-graduation for not identifying whether any of his racial and gender identities had privilege. This ultimately resulted in a lawsuit where the school lost. In another example, a student was suspended for claiming that there were only two genders which is now in court.

Chris Rufo wrote a parent guidebook for battling CRT in their children’s schools.

An example of how race has permeated into all subjects. In this article, studied in an 8th grade Science class, racism and white supremacy are being blamed for the cause of climate change.

Take Action

We have many parents across our groups who can equip you with how to speak to your teachers, school Board Members, Superintendent, or others. Please contact us and we can connect you with a parent.

Many groups have been formed to educate parents about the divisiveness of the current proposed CRT curriculum as well as the new math framework that removes advanced math. Feel free to explore: California for Equal Rights, Alliance for Constructive Ethnic Studies, Educators for Quality and Equality, No Left Turn in Education, Heterodox Academy, Parents Defending Education, Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, Parents Against Critical Race Theory, Chinese American Citizens Alliance, STARRS and many more.

We are members of multiple parents’ WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, Facebook groups, and Google Group distribution lists focused on CRT and advanced math. Most of these group owners ask new participants to formally introduce themselves with their real identity as they are high trust groups. If you are interested in joining any of these, please contact us. There is quite a bit of information exchanged regularly and they do ask all to participate. As a side note, we encourage all CUSD parents to join the CUSD Parents group which has occasional discussions related to CRT and advanced math as well.

For parents not in CUSD reading this, No Left Turn in Education, mentioned earlier, are providing resources for school Board recalls (note, there is one at CUSD with Lori Cunningham) as well as legal resources to fight the proposed CRT curriculum and removal of advanced math. If you want to connect to their local chapter representative, please contact us.

There are a variety of more resources, literally thousands of articles, websites, and more from mobilized parents across the country. We’ll continue to add interesting bits here on a cadence but we hope we have provided enough so you better understand the issues.