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Mar 23, 2022

We wanted to share a quick victory. The CA Department of Education has revised their removal of advanced math proposal and instead of making it a state-wide recommendation, they are now leaving it to the individual districts. This is certainly in response to the massive activism by groups like us across the state. Parents do not want the removal of meritocracy. Many of the smart pundits for the San Francisco School Board recall attribute some of their success due to the recalled Board Members having removed the placement test for Lowell High School. We need to raise all kids and not bring them down.

Read more here about DOE’s changes to their advanced math proposal.

Jan 13, 2022

We recently learned of a 4th-grade class at Meyerholz that taught Intersectionality this past Aug ’21. What’s disappointing is just 9 months earlier, Meyerholz was in the news for teaching Intersectionality. We’re glad that CUSD has since addressed this issue but it does go to show that there needs to be checks and balances and a process by which supplemental or controversial materials are approved.

The parent who reported this said that their child started asking about skin color when they got home. Whether you think that is age-appropriate or not is for you to decide but for many, that is simply too young.

Jan 4, 2022

We wanted to kick off the New Year with some good news. Our efforts are making a difference. CUSD, this past October, held training with new guidance for teachers on supplemental materials. Assistant Superintendent Leslie Mains, in an email to the CEA President, acknowledged that this was a real issue of which there were multiple violations this past year.

Via a Public Records Act request, we got a link to the training video shown to teachers. We also learned, that per updated guidelines, supplemental materials may need to be approved by the Principal. We’re hoping this will address the multiple egregious violations of not age-appropriate materials or other being taught to kids.

Here is the checklist teachers should use when evaluating supplemental materials. We also learned of another instance of not age-appropriate materials that were taught earlier this year at CUSD. More soon!

Nov 24, 2021

In recent weeks, there have been more and more reports regarding California’s new proposed math curriculum. Parents have filed a lawsuit against PAUSD. Efforts to remove advanced pathways have begun in SESD and SJUSD and sadly much of the rationale behind this effort is based on a faulty study at SFUSD. We know CUSD has said they have no plans but we also know they are under immense pressure and they are discussed.

We encourage you to engage with the Superintendent and School Board.

In addition, we are seeing more efforts with equity grading which encompasses everything from the removal of standardized, admissions or other testing as well general grade inflation. This is happening at all levels from Elementary to College in the name of equity. We do not believe the elimination of meritocracy is the way. Removing grading or other as a way to reduce the achievement gap is not solving anything but disguising the real data. We need to lift those academically struggling rather than manufacture statistics that look equitable.

Nov 9, 2021

In 2021 cancel culture, any bi-racial news event is because of racism. To even consider an alternate reason, especially if you are White, means you are a racist. To speak an alternative reason means you should be fired from your job and publicly shamed.

As a result, few have the will to speak their thoughts. Rather, everyone virtue signals to avoid the vile of left-wing woke activists who will attempt to cancel you.

Yesterday, this happened on the CUSD Parents Google Group. Vice Mayor Liang Chao argued that race was not the primary reason for the Chinese Exclusion Act (CEA) because the bill’s text focused on laborers. CEEF (Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation) Board Members Gilbert Wong and Yi Ding then published this private snippet to Twitter in an attempt to label Liang as a racist and cancel her.

This is the worst of woke activists, especially community leaders that can influence CUSD. CRT looks at historical events and laws from the perspective of race. Yes, race played a factor in many laws but race was often not the primary reason. To shut down any conversation to explore otherwise is exactly what we don’t want entering our schools and why these two should have no role in influencing CUSD curriculum.

We can only hope that the broader CEEF organization is more open-minded.

Nov 6, 2021

It’s only been a few days since our last update but things move fast. Parents have filed a lawsuit against PAUSD (Palo Alto) for the removal of advanced math classes. In addition, California’s DOE is uniquely pressing ahead with looking at how to reduce math pathways in the name of equity. We feel most parents are completely out of the loop and won’t realize what’s happening until advanced math has been removed. It starts with math but it will come to all advanced subjects.

Although CUSD has made clear that they do not have immediate plans to remove advanced math pathways, we repeat, they have had discussions about it and there is immense pressure to do so. We asked parents to get involved to make sure our district doesn’t remove advanced math in the name of equity. We need to focus on what works and raise all kids.

Here is another good read to get a sense of what is happening.

On a separate note, we reviewed the results of the Panorama Survey for Sunnyvale School District. See here and here. A single statement about the lack of discussion of race resulted in a range of race-related policies being proposed from Culturally Responsive Teaching, Trauma-Informed Practices, and Restorative Practices. As we have said on our homepage, this is how it starts. SEL is not the SEL of 10 years ago but has evolved into T-SEL which puts increased emphasis on race with yet to be determined implications. We are awaiting CUSD’s results but we do not expect it to be much different.

Nov 3, 2021

What a wild last couple of weeks. Between learning that a teacher of a 4th-grade class at West Valley asked students to explore their sexuality after an egregious sex education lesson to seeing CUSD nearly hire DEI consultants to segregate our kids by race, there is never a dull moment.

We have added links to the new sex education incident at West Valley in our Resources section. We have also leaned on parents to challenge CUSD in their efforts to hire and spend precious dollars on Inclusion Counts that want to interview and segregate our kids by race.

Our ask to CUSD are listed on our homepage but we’ll repeat them here. Publish teacher supplemental materials and create new District and Board policies around how politically charged and divisive materials can or cannot be introduced into curriculum akin to FUHSD’s AR and BR 6144 policy. As much as CUSD says it won’t happen again, it continues to happen again and again.

Finally, thanks to our parents for your anonymous teacher reports. We act on them. We escalate them and we bring attention to them. More soon!

Oct 11, 2021

We are continuing to add more links as we gather materials from CUSD. We have confirmation that Kennedy Middle School is no longer using the books Stamped and This Book Is Anti-Racist as part of their supplemental curriculum, which is great news! That said, some KMS classrooms are still using other potentially divisive materials to supplement from sites like Facing History. We are continuing to investigate and will publish as we learn more.

We also learned of recent news that parents are being labeled “domestic terrorists” for expressing their opinions on controversial curriculum at Board meetings. This podcast looked at 14,000 school Boards and identified only 2 incidents that may have been criminal misconduct. In any case, please do not be afraid to speak as you are the voice for your children. In addition, please report instances of controversial issues and we can escalate for you so you can remain anonymous.

Last week, AB-101 (Ethnic Studies) was signed by Governor Newsom. We have to wait until we see the final curriculum before we can comment but there were a couple of promising changes for parents. First, material linking capitalism to racism was removed. Second, other ethnicities were added or added back including the tribulations of Jews, Sikhs and Vietnamese. Third, all course materials have to be published and deliberated at the school Board with public comment. We look forward to seeing the curriculum when it becomes available to provide more informed comments.

Thanks again for your support, more soon.

Aug 24, 2021

We have been making several updates since we initially launched No CRT at CUSD in early July. Our parent community has also been busy sending PRA’s for different common terms related to CRT and advanced math.

We updated our Resources page to include our latest findings including controversial CRT ideologies being taught in a 6th grade and 8th-grade class at Kennedy Middle School. We added a book review of what the 6th-grade class is reading and also included links to the curriculum and other PRA’ed materials, please take a look.

We proactively did a PRA for FUHSD as well and added a link to those results. CRT is certainly being taught there as well. When we started this initiative, we thought the CUSD Meyerholz 3rd grade intersectionality incident was a one-off. We were wrong. After several emails with CUSD’s district administrators, we have determined that they purchase curriculum from organizations like Second Step, CASEL, Soul Shoppe and then leave it to the individual schools and teachers to implement the curriculum.

The risk with this approach is that it gives teachers a lot of lee-way and we have actual evidence now showing how it’s been abused. In the 8th grade class where CRT is being studied, it’s being done in lieu of the prescribed History curriculum as mandated by the CA Department of Education. It is our job to bring attention to these incidents, speak with the principals and administrators to make sure what is taught is age-appropriate, field-tested and prescribed.

We also uncovered that there are CUSD administrators looking at potentially removing advanced math pathways. Although the Superintendent has said they have no intention, their plans may change. See the first part of our homepage for the PRA’ed materials gathered here.

We’ve launched our Twitter, see below. We will also begin our newsletters soon with more PRA drops as we get them. In our resources section, we’ve reorganized the materials so you can see what is CUSD specific and what are more general articles. We will continue to bolster each of the sections as we collect more data.

Thanks for your support, more updates soon.

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